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Why Move To T.R.N.C?.

September 6, 2019

There are several reasons why people visiting Cyprus, an Aphrodite island perfect for holiday destination:

a) Better weather and many days of sunshine. It has been scientifically proven that sunshine is good for lifting our spirits and making us feel happier. Only 20 minutes in the sun gives our skin the booster its needs to rejuvenate itself. We all seem healthier. Sunshine also lifts depression and gives us vitamin D.

b) Better quality of life. There are many restaurants (you have to know where they are!) that serve really good food and charge reasonable prices. We don’t feel guilty about dining out twice a week and have a good bottle of wine to go with…

In the summer, we can go swimming, hitch-hiking, Scuba boat trips and many more activities as much as we want to. There are good places to go running and cycling (with good weather thrown in too!). Everything has easy access walking, (by car!!) or anything you want to do to keep fit is easily available and eating out options are plentiful.

c) Better medical care. It is cheaper here in terms of having surgeries privately and buying medicine over the counter. A person can see doctors for a consultant at reasonably fees and a solution will be often reached very quickly. Injections, biopsies and blood tests are all cheap at about £35.

Depending on your decision, in case you want to earn profit and let it out you will be paid extremely well. There are many people who live here on vacation but work for large companies and they often fly to the Middle East, Europe to do work dealings there. I’ve met people who have to work in Qatar or Dubai.

d) Cheaper housing. There are so many good houses here for sale at good prices with lots of garden land, sea views and mountain views…. Recently Mrs Leah Rose, from UK bought her house that sits on a plot size of 2,000 square meters and the house itself is only about 200 square metres in total. She have permission to build another property next to it for £75,000 after purchase the land. Now it’s worth about £358.720, but they have no plan to sell it. ”It’s ours forever”, said Leah.

f) Missing their homes and are feeling nostalgic: It is often good to travel and get away from home and go back again. Living the slower pace of life here isn’t the people’s thing so they back to their own countries where pace of life is faster and suits them better. I lived in the UK for 8 years while schooling myself and then going to university. I found that studying in London at university for 4 years had gone by so fast. Life is slower here on the island definitely.


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Cemal Ozkus.


Mr. Cemal, he is a founder and partner of Milano Homes Cyprus and veteran in the real estate industry and he represented a quite large array of realtor sector in Northern Cyprus. Mr. Cemal has built a solid foundation of clientele networks through his protracted advisory services and good friendship. Mr. Cemal has a long record of successfully working experience with local and multi-national clients assisting with their real estate acquisitions, lease obligation, and other various commercial needs. His specific area of expertise includes strategic planning, transaction management, and salesmanship. Over the past decade, online minds have become the perfect opportunity for networking, connecting with others in the same community, getting help and even sharing and tweaking strategies.

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