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GIFA Token To Launch New Platform To Change GIFA Token Into Cash.

March 10, 2021
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GIFA exchange is readying a highly anticipated new crypto platform that will enable each and every GIFA Token user from all over the world to change/convert their GIFA Tokens into a fiat currency (cash). According to the official announcement (ANNOUNCEMENT 5) released by GIFA Holding Ltd, on 03 March 2021, it said the platform expected to be launched on 4tth July 2022. The new system will revolutionize and accelerate corporate-backed crypto adoption in the mainstream.

”In doing so we’re on a mission to make our digital currency available to anyone who’s interested in investing even in the farthest corners of the globe”.  Such a brilliant move will make everything easy for the users and secure the payment transfer within local, mainland as well as across borders. GIFA Token’s community has grown in big numbers and that roll-out will enable more functionalities for users on the platform. 

Initially, GIFA Token buying power was dominated by individuals, but lately, it shifting heavily toward the institutional investors who purchase the tokens in bulks. With every passing day, more people are showing interest in GIFA cryptocurrency. GIFA Token (GIFX) is one of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies and increasingly placed on the radar of professional traders. 

The same company, GIFA Holding Ltd that operates the digital currency and GIFX exchange also launched Grandex Finacial Ltd, which gives fast loans with a low-interest rate to the businesses. Since GIFA Token inception in September 2020, the corporate-backed cryptocurrency has become a financial phenomenon in the industry. As news headlines tout its ever-increasing price and market values non-stop. 

GIFX as a digital currency has disruptive potentials for banks and traditional financial institutions.  Cryptocurrencies are taking over the conventional fiat currencies for payment transfer to reduce transaction costs, speed up the transferring procedure and ensure safe and encrypted money transfers. People do not have to carry credit cards or wait for days and sometimes even weeks to receive payments from various foreign countries. 

Using cryptocurrency for transferring payments will also minimize the hassle of going to banks or any involvement of a third party. Using cryptocurrency as a payment gateway requires you to open an account on your preferred exchange or using an App like GIFA Wallet to create a digital wallet that is similar to having a credit card. 




Mr. İbrahim Özkuş he is a founder of Marble & Granite business at I & C Memorials in the United Kingdom, London and currently a Director Manager of Milano Homes Cyprus and Boltas Commercial, a real estate agency in Northern Cyprus. Mr. İbrahim has extensive experiences in Realtors' business and commercial industry include the residential properties and immovable assets.

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