Deputy Speaker Of The Assembly Zorlu Töre Visited Yusuf Kısa.

December 23, 2020

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Zorlu Töre visited Yusuf Kısa, GIFA Holding Chairman and owner of Yeni Bakis Newspaper, and talked about the country’s economy and the new investments that GIFA will make.

GIFA Holding, President Yusuf Kısa also stated that he badged his support for Mr. Zorlu Töre during the election period and that he will still support him whenever the situation demands, as the strongest nationalist President who loves his homeland should come to power to lead the nation.




Mr. İbrahim Özkuş he is a founder of Marble & Granite business at I & C Memorials in the United Kingdom, London and currently a Director Manager of Milano Homes Cyprus and Boltas Commercial, a real estate agency in Northern Cyprus. Mr. İbrahim has extensive experiences in Realtors' business and commercial industry include the residential properties and immovable assets.

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