GIFA Token Set To Reach $1,000 (USD).

January 20, 2021

GIFA TOKEN Crypto aims to take the crypto world by storm and it set its target: 1 GIFA = $1,000 (USD), the value increases is a real possibility. GIFA Token (GIFX) entered the crypto world with a $1.00 opening price tag in September 2020, but we are in no doubt that GIFX will hit the $1,000 mark by May 2023. Some crypto analysts reckon that GIFX will become a sought- after cryptocurrency instrument within the supply and demand chain financial management.

Here Is The Reasons Why: 

(1). Our planned Innovation and Incubation Center project, with a tune of $40million (USD) investment, for discovering the worlds’ next generation of global entrepreneurs and business success stories will begin producing results in 2023.

(2). The strategy of concentrating the company’s efforts on smaller and medium-range businesses shall bear fruit by 2023. The 3 Global Projects (including Development of a NEW Global Trading Platform for small and medium-size producers, Support for Credit Unions & Cooperatives), in total $140 million (USD), using GIFA Token shall begin bearing fruit in 2023.

(3). 3rd is the Age Investment Strategy: One of our key investment focuses over the next 3 years is already promising to be a WIN-WIN strategy for all our stakeholders, with over $85 million GIFA Token investment allocated for financing the future needs of the aging population and active longevity, with new types and forms of quality lifestyle residences, coupled together with new service technologies.

(4). Prediction by experts: Some of the major and most valuable cryptos will come tangled in their own successes and sure to begin treading water (evidence already visible).

(5). Real evidence of bullish signals: The last 18 months is providing real evidence of bullish signals coming mainly from ALTCOINS, smaller cryptocurrencies making big gains, with GIFA Token soaring over 247% in the first 4 months of entering the crypto market.




Mr. İbrahim Özkuş he is a founder of Marble & Granite business at I & C Memorials in the United Kingdom, London and currently a Director Manager of Milano Homes Cyprus and Boltas Commercial, a real estate agency in Northern Cyprus. Mr. İbrahim has extensive experiences in Realtors' business and commercial industry include the residential properties and immovable assets.

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