Hera Termal.

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Thermal is a collectional of hospitality services include Resort Spa and Hotel. The main branch of Hera Termalis situated in Ankara, Turkey. Hera Termal hospitalities are a large family of love, respect and future sharing beyond common use. Hera Termal run holiday villages that share beauty, love, and happiness to meet the satisfaction of our members to the maximum level, the pioneer of contemporary and developing Termal, is at your service to present you with quality..

The importance of thermal water that has been a healing source with rich mineral essences and natural and therapeutic elements is increasing every day. Our country Turkey is rich in the mining of underground resources is in the top 10 in the world ranking as thermal water resources. Hera Termal hospitality command the well-substiated team of staff and own facilities with organic nutrition, spa services, nature, and health tourism which is the leading contemporary holiday tourism service you can find.

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