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GIFA Token ICO Phase 1 Ends In Success.

January 9, 2021

GIFA Crypto Centre is extremely happy to announce that GIFA Token (GIFX) ICO Phase 1 Initial Coin Offering has ended in success. The 1st Phase of GIFX  ICO has been an incredible success story. The ICO began on 9th September 2020 and ended on 9th January 2021.  Phase 2 ICO starts from 10th January 2021 to  9th July 2021. Hurry up and join Phase 2, be a pioneer!GIFA Token the ”People’s Cryptocurrency”, a preferred choice by the global community and recognized as a decentralized B2B medium of exchange, independent of any financial institution or any other central authority.Not so long ago, in September 2020, GIFA Holding Ltd had launched its’ own brand of cryptocurrency known as GIFA TOKEN (GIFX) using the new trend in blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies, backed by blockchain technology, are considered to be one of the top emerging industries of this century. At GIFA Holding Ltd we are extremely happy to announce the successful completion of the first Phase (PHASE 1) of the ICO that begun from 9th September 2020 to 9th January 2021. During the period, we have successfully allocated and sold over 120 million GIFA Tokens, equalling over $100 million (USD) income for our company and subscribers.

During the same period, we have entered into agreements and signed protocols with over 100 global and local online and offline retailers, suppliers, providers, and manufacturers (furniture manufacturers and suppliers, car dealers, healthcare providers, and many more service providers, retailers, and stores who will introduce GIFA Token (GIFX) as a cryptocurrency Payment Method (Online and offline) acceptable in their respective businesses.
We are also very excited to grant and facilitate access to the products and commodities as well as the services to the holders of GIFA Token. We are also stepping up our efforts to finance, through GIFA Token, start-up businesses, New projects such as (Real estate developments, Purpose-built Retirement complexes, GIFA Theme Park, ‘GIFXZONE’  – Producers to Consumers Direct Online Marketing Platform – Supply & Demand Chain for small medium and large businesses).
The Phase 1 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has allowed our newly launched GIFA Token to sell to the global community, offering each and every token owner the opportunity to join the exciting journey and the venture ahead with GIFA Holding Ltd. Through Phase 1 ICO we have already begun the process of recruiting and building strong public support and partnerships, raised capital from individual investors and token subscribers, and most importantly, democratized funding from a wide range of people and from as many continents across the globe. The interest shown so far has been overwhelming and much greater than we had ever anticipated.
We are now looking forward to launching GIFX Phase 2 ICO with the aim of raising a further $350 million USD capital to fund our next phase of the new projects (as described in our White Paper). We will also be continuing to build partnership and bridges with business and non-business communities across the globe, establish GIFX Token Teams and networks across different continents, utilize and engage the latest technical crypto and digital expertise, have the foresight and adopt and adhere to regulatory compliance of each region we would be establishing a presence. 
The journey we are embarking upon will not only be fruitful to the prosperity of GIFA Holding and GIFA enterprises as a whole, but also to our supporters and subscribers worldwide. Not only will we be aiming to seek support for our business and project ideas and raise funds, but we will also be looking to support and finance (through GIFA Token) the ideas of our supporters and business partners across many continents.

Take a step into the Crypto World with GIFA Token

One of the New and exciting initiatives which will be funded by the 2nd Phase of the ICO will be the launching of ‘GIFA Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship for the graduates and new would-be entrepreneurs across the globe. We shall be seeking out the next generation of ‘Bill Gates – MICROSOFT’, ‘Mark Andreessen – NETSCAPE’ ‘Jeff Bezos – AMAZON’ ‘Brian Cheskyark -AIRBNB’ ‘Steve Jobs – APPLE’ ‘Satoshi Nakamoto – BITCOIN’ and ‘OPRAH Winfrey – THE OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK’. For this purpose alone, GIFA Holding (GIFA Token) shall be setting aside $40 million.
GIFA Token (GIFX) can help you finance and fund your projects or start-up businesses:

  • If you have an idea for a NEW business or are trying to launch a NEW Project, securing the necessary funds certainly is a challenge. 
  • We are here to support you and help discover the next success stories. At GIFA Holding our customers and subscribers are at the heart of what we do. 
  • We are grateful we truly appreciate their trust and support in helping us to successfully launch GIFA Token. 
  • Our Company is built on strong ethical values and principles. 
  • We shall continue to strive towards providing the best value and best quality service possible and we aim to reach our goals in Phase 2 ICO that commence from 10th January 2021 to  9th July 2021. Hurry up and join Phase 2, be a pioneer!

This important announcement is a special courtesy of GIFA Holding LTD, the governing board oversight “GIFA Token project”

GIFA Headquarters Dr Fazıl Küçük BoulevardHamitköy JunctionLefkosa / Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 99040.

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A Yes, Referendum On Turkey Should Be Supported.

December 23, 2020

GIFA Holding Chairman Yusuf Kısa expressed his views on the referendum held on April 16.

Yusuf Kısa, Chairman of the Board of Gifa Holding, one of the important institutions of the TRNC. Stating that he supports the constitutional amendment package, he called for “yes” to be used in the public vote. In short, Turkey, in each case, anyone with Turkey as it is next to the TRNC citizenship in a referendum held on 16 April ‘yes’ was recorded by the decisions made in support.

The geography of the world and especially in Turkey’s political, military, businessmen pointed out that came to the worrying situation of economic development Short, Northern Cyprus and Turkey towards regional and global all threats are disposed of in the region to be again in order for an active Turkey consist of a referendum giving support to the AK Party government’ “Yes,” he said that one should be united in order to come out.

“Global powers and credit rating agencies targeted the Turkish lira” Expressing that he is also aware that they are making great efforts for the Turkish Lira to be depreciated by global powers and credit rating agencies, Yusuf Kısa stated that the economy will worsen if the referendum is “no”.”The deterioration of Turkey’s economy is also deeply affected by the TRNC”In case of a deterioration of Turkey’s economy, emphasizing that this TRNC also affect short, “living on the island from Turkey and Turkey who are citizens of the Turkish Cypriots go to the absolute polls ‘yes’ should use the game.

I need to support the government in Turkey to restore political stability. Otherwise adverse fluctuations in the economy in Turkey, we will also deeply affected, “Wang warned.”Interest for the economic stability of the business world in Turkey” Stating that the constitutional amendment to be submitted to the public vote concerns everyone in the society as well as the business world, Kısa said, “The continuation of economic stability, investments, and economic vitality, ending terrorism, establishing peace and tranquility in our geography is of vital importance for businessmen.” .”This structure can only be carried out by Erdogan now”Turkey to restore peace in the region and at this stage the only person in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“I think not guarantees of Current conjuncture Erdogan another country’s future. Erdogan is unwilling to make sure that success in Turkey who want to go. considering the future of Turkey for putting under his hand for the future of the country going to the polls certainly on this ballot for yes support.

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Yusuf Kisa: GIFA Holding Enters The pharmaceutical Industry.

December 23, 2020

GIFA Holding, which transferred Grandex Finance LTD and Gifa Holding to the American Stock Exchange within the body of Gifa INC, is preparing to enter the pharmaceutical industry this time.

GIFA INC Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Kısa announced that they are continuing negotiations to buy a pharmaceutical company, they are planning to include the pharmaceutical factory within Gifa INC within 2-3 months and the pharmaceutical company to be included in the American Stock Exchange.

Stating that we are taking firm steps towards our goals, GIFA INC Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Kısa emphasized that they aim to transfer all of their companies to the American Stock Exchange by the end of 2019.

“We will continue our growth with the pharmaceutical industry”

Short, pointing out that they set out to be permanent in the American Bound, “As GIFA, we continue to attract the attention of international actors by making the right investments at the right time with the awareness and responsibility that we are in the world’s largest financial network. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most popular areas in the world, and by investing in this field, we will increase our profitability as a company and ensure that those who invest in our shares will win ”.

“Investments will continue to increase”

Giving the message that they will continue their investments in the American Bora, Yusuf Kısa said, “The main goal of GIFA from the very beginning was to be an important player in the world markets. “We continue our work on a 24-hour basis, aware of how difficult and troublesome this road is.”

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Deputy Speaker Of The Assembly Zorlu Töre Visited Yusuf Kısa.

December 23, 2020

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Zorlu Töre visited Yusuf Kısa, GIFA Holding Chairman and owner of Yeni Bakis Newspaper, and talked about the country’s economy and the new investments that GIFA will make.

GIFA Holding, President Yusuf Kısa also stated that he badged his support for Mr. Zorlu Töre during the election period and that he will still support him whenever the situation demands, as the strongest nationalist President who loves his homeland should come to power to lead the nation.

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Yusuf Kisa: GIFA Gives 11 Million To Tunisian Company.

December 22, 2020

TRNC company GIFA Holding announced that it has provided consultancy services to the Tunisian company for a loan of 11 million 200 thousand euros.

Continuing its activities to provide loans to international investors, GIFA Holding announced that after the loan service it provided to Iran and Saudi Arabia, it has now been given consultancy services to the Tunisian helicopter company for a loan of 11 million 200 thousand euros, 3 percent interest for 10 years. It was stated that investors, who turned to other countries due to loan rates of up to 27 percent in the Middle East, did not return empty-handed from the TRNC.

“We provide great convenience to investors”
Gifa Holding Chairman Yusuf Kısa, who made a statement on the subject, stated that the high loan interest rates in the Middle East put the investors in the country where they are located, and said, “We help our customers as a consultancy service to provide loans up to 3 percent. There are loan rates of up to 27 percent in the Middle East. It can be taken from a minimum of 12 percent. 

Therefore, the attention of our customers makes us happy ”.
“Applicants from Turkey has increased quite”
Last month, Iran and Saudi Arabia reminiscent of substantial credit to companies that provide short, “Lately we’re getting strong demand from Turkey. We gave Turkey as well as recent as yesterday Tunisian rooted helicopter company to 11 million 200 thousand euro loan for the provision of consultancy services. With the success and internal dynamics of our company, loan applications are mostly positive, based on the reliability of the companies. In this respect, we and our customers are very comfortable, ”he said.

“Dubai and Qatari investors on the way”
On the other hand, following the loan agreement with the Tunisian company, the applications made from Dubai and Qatar were also evaluated, “Kısa said,“ We ​​are working feverishly with our entire team to provide the requested loans. Currently, we have received heavy demands from investors from Dubai and Qatari. It is evaluated whether the applicant companies meet the criteria. In case of sufficient scoring, these companies will also get the credits they demand as soon as possible ”.

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Mr. Erhan Arıklı Pays Vist To Yusuf Kisa.

December 22, 2020

Erhan Arıklı, Chairman of the New Doğuş Party in the TRNC, visited GIFA Holding, which has important investments across the country and received the prayers of families in need with food aid, and conveyed his thanks to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Kısa.

New in TRNC Birth Party Chairman Erhan Ariklivisited Gifa Holding, which has important investments throughout the country and received the prayers of families in need with its food aid, and conveyed its thanks to the Chairman of the Board, Yusuf Kısa.

The recent breakthroughs of Gifa Holding, one of the most important financial institutions of the TRNC, and especially its important initiatives in credit consultancy to Iranian businessmen, attracted the attention of the country’s politicians. Visiting Gifa Holding Headquarters and meeting with Chairman of the Board, Yusuf Kısa, YDP Chairman Erhan Arıklı said that they proudly follow Gifa Holding’s achievements and that the country’s businessmen break the embargoes and provide consultancy to the world’s leading companies is another source of pride.

Arıklı stated that Gifa is a nationally funded institution that is admired and said, “This organization provides consultancy services to the world’s leading financial companies. It carries out great projects. This makes us proud. This means that our businessmen with a world vision are more than listening to an embargo whenever possible. “They can undertake big projects. This is a very important indicator for the TRNC.”

“Food aid for months is proud”

Pointing out that Yusuf Kısa, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gifa Holding, is a very helpful businessman at the same time, said, “We have been distributing aid packages to the poor or needy families of our country for months. “I wish the number of such successful organizations increased. We follow Yusuf Kısa proudly and appreciate him as an exemplary businessman.”

“We will continue investing”

In his speech at the reception, Gifa Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Kısa stated that their organizations are rapidly opening up to the world and that they provide consultancy services to many country companies. Stating that they will continue to invest in the country, Kısa said that they are helping families in need in TRNC as a social responsibility project.

“Embargoes imposed on our country do not deter us”

Saying that they are people who believe in the TRNC, he completed his short words as follows: “The unrecognition of our country or the embargoes imposed on our country do not discourage us. On the contrary, our big projects will come to life very soon. On the other hand, in the sense of social responsibility, we share some of our earnings with our people in need. gives happiness “. – ISTANBUL

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Yusuf Kısa: GİFA INC President.

December 20, 2020

Yusuf Kısa, President of GİFA INC, which recently entered the US Stock Exchange, said that the targets for 2018 are very large.

Tansforming the 4-storey building near Hamitköy into a stock exchange building, GIFA will employ 300 staff here. While the acceptance of applications for recruitment within GIFA Holding has started recently, the personnel who will work at GIFA INC will be determined as a result of the exams to be held after the applications are completed in December.

GIFA INC President Yusuf Kısa, who manages the process related to GIFA INC with great enthusiasm and determination, reminded that they are the 2nd Turkish company in the US Stock Exchange after Turkcell and said, “Being here is a job that requires professionalism, I and the team. “Our friends have been rewarded for the serious work we have been doing on this project for years now, but we are aware that our work is more difficult after this hour and we will continue our work in line with it.”

Stressing that 2018 is very important for GIFA, Kısa emphasized that they will carry out many activities in the stock exchange in 2018. Emphasizing that with the opening of GIFA INC, 300 people and their families will be provided with job and food opportunities in the first place, and this number will reach up to 1000, 1500 people in a year, Yusuf Kısa said, “We have only one goal, and our country and our people will win as we win. “Nobody can afford to keep us from this goal,” he said.

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Buy Properties With GIFA Token.

December 9, 2020

It’s no secret that investors are always in search of opportunities that deliver high ROI, likely through options such as venture capital, private equity funds, real-estate investment trusts and, increasingly, cryptocurrency.

Thinking of adding some diversity to your retirement portfolio? Cryptocurrency may be your answer. This alternative investment class holds much appeal. New and seasoned investors alike often ask:

Is buying crypto a good idea for long-term investing?

Cryptocurrency has come into the broader market as a “hot” asset class. Price swings in Bitcoin have lured millennials into these investments, and the many real estate agencies and home builders have approved cryptocurrency.

But what exactly is cryptocurrency?

It is a digital currency secured by cryptography, which makes it almost impossible to double-spend or counterfeit. Its value is determined by a complex web of market supply and demand, and since it isn’t backed by a single central authority, it isn’t affected by changes in government interest rates, inflation, and so on. In other words, cryptocurrency is an asset class with the potential to democratize access to wealth – in one definition crypto is a currency by the people, for the people.

Of course, in practice, investing in cryptocurrency – whether for retirement or otherwise – is far more unimaginable than that. As with any investment, it’s essential to look past the bells and whistles of potential returns and clearly evaluate the risks and benefits.

Does crypto make sense for my retirement portfolio?

As with many alternative asset classes, cryptocurrency has many benefits, whether you use it at an individual or business level. Some key benefits include:

● Lower transaction costs. Cryptocurrencies aim to make it easier to transfer funds directly between two parties, without the need for a third party like a bank or credit card company. This could lower the fees and costs of transactions, making instant transfers much cheaper than anything currently being offered by banks.

● Reliability and safety. A payment made with cryptocurrency cannot be reversed after the fact and cannot be used for fraud or lead to identity theft – a tremendous perk.

● Crypto can be more stable. Adding cryptocurrency to a retirement portfolio can circumvent the issue of short-term price volatility. Because the returns are not correlated to any specific industry, investing in cryptocurrency can reduce unsystematic risk.

● Upside potential. While past returns cannot be a predictor for the future, Bitcoin has led to many overnight millionaires in the past few years. While we would not encourage hasty and irrational investing, holding cryptocurrency could lead to alpha returns in your portfolio.Why crypto might not be the right move

You must know yourself as an investor before deciding which asset classes should be in your portfolio. As tempting as it can be, there are also several reasons cryptocurrency may not make sense for your retirement plans:

● Growth is subjective. When you buy shares of a company or invest in real estate, you know that the value of that asset can increase or decrease for various reasons. If a company you choose to invest in makes a bad financial decision or is in a declining industry, you’ll know why the stock is losing value. The same cannot be said for historical cryptocurrency returns, which have risen and fallen rapidly based entirely on speculation.

● It is not universally accepted. There might be a time where cryptocurrency is synonymous with fiat currency, but our economy is not at that point yet.

● It is not a lottery ticket. Under no circumstances should you go “all in” on any kind of investment. Your portfolio should be constructed with long-term goals and growth in mind, and as of yet, any kind of long-term trend in cryptocurrency remains to be seen.

The takeaway

Digital currency is a fundamentally new asset class and is rightfully being seriously (and carefully) considered by investors. Cryptocurrency can be a valuable investment if it fits within the overall goals and risk profile of your complete financial portfolio. Since cryptocurrency is a promising asset class with enticing upside potential, it’s worth considering as a retirement plan alternative for a diversified portfolio. However, its growth and returns cannot be studied in a vacuum, and potential investors need to ask themselves what they are hoping to accomplish by investing in cryptocurrency – and if their portfolios can withstand the risks.

Thanks to GIFA Token that makes it possible to purchase furniture, groceries, cars, and buy a house with cryptocurrencies in the Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkey, and beyond.

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T.R.N.C: Expatriates’ Property Secured.

August 24, 2020

Big win for expats, auctioned properties returned to the rightful owners

The expatriates who bought their properties on the island and due to some reasons and now then COVID-19 faced uncertainty of losing their hard-earned assets because of unpaid loans taken out by a developers have won a legal case and their properties have returned. Retired soldier David Eacock, 73 and wife Margaret, 75, said they were “overwhelmed” by the verdict announced by Presiding Judge Aysen Toroslar at Gazimağusa District Court .

Expatriates have won a legal case that reverses a 2016 court order for their homes to be auctioned.

The couple bought a property off plan at a site in Yarköy — a £122,000 four-bedroom villa on the Ersav development – in 2008. The Eacocks, from Devon, paid Ersav Construction a total of £96,000 but stopped further instalments after discovering that a“memorandum” had been placed on the property over a £500,000 debt owed by the developer.

Advocate Hasan Alkan represented the couple and another expat property buyer on the site, Ray Hinks and his wife, Patricia. Mr Alkan said: “The judge canceled the court order allowing for a public auction. A new legal process will now be started that will include the property buyers.”

Mr Eacock said: “Myself and Margaret are very relieved. It has been like a legal rollercoaster ride for the past 10 years, not knowing what will happen to our properties, for something that has happened out of no fault of our own.“It is indeed a fresh start for us. We were never aware of the existence of the memorandum.

“We wish to thank Mr Alkan for his tireless efforts in helping us. He has a long and successful track record supporting expats and is a much-respected advocate both within the legal profession and among the countless clients in need of good support.”

Mr Alkan said that the basis of the case is “the 2007 Estate Agents Law making it obligatory for homebuyers to register their sales contract against the title deed. But the law does not set out the rights of buyers thereafter, which have been left to the courts to decide.“The title deeds office has informed me of many more auctions, mainly [relating to] foreign buyers who may not even be aware that the properties they bought are going to auction.

“This was the case [for the Eacocks] and it is important that foreign property buyers seek legal advice and apply to the courts to get declaratory judgements, because the title deeds office is not competent in determining the rights of buyers.“In the Eacocks’ case . . . we had contended that the contract of sale was registered way before the memorandum was placed on the property and that the title deeds office, by accepting this [memorandum], had made a mistake.”

A relieved Mr Eacock said: “We registered our sales contract under the Estate Agents Law and did everything properly. Then a memorandum was placed on the property. Isn’t the whole point of this law to stop all of this from happening?”

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Northern Cyprus Opens Its Door To Brits..

August 20, 2020

Now British expatriates are able to return to Northern Cyprus as from the last week, the British families have already check in at Ercan Intentional Airport – provided that travellers need to produce three coronavirus tests to be allowed an entry and enjoy the holiday on the island.

This news follows the latest announcement from the rest of the island that quarantine restrictions will end for Brits from August 1. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (T.R.N.C) is keen to welcome Brits back. The south usually lures 1.3 million British tourists every year.

As from July 16, UK arrivals at Ercan Airport will have to first show a negative PCR test, which was taken between three to five days before arrival. Following this, a second test will be conducted, followed by a seven-day quarantine, and then a third test. Only then will Brits be able to enjoy a normal holiday on the island. These new rules are for British tourists which have been put into Category B by Cyprus, a system which rates the country’s risk of infection.

Category A countries will not have to quarantine after showing a negative PCR test, while Category C countries will have to do all three tests and a 14-day quarantine. There are cheap deals for Brits opting for a Cyprus holiday, with seven night package deals from £409pp and last minute flights from £175pp. Cyprus was included on the UK’s air bridge list, which means no quarantining when returning to the UK and no travel ban. However, restrictions still remain in place at Cyprus, and will until the UK’s coronavirus cases go down.

Northern Cyprus’s health minister Ali Palli has recently confirmed three new cases of coronavirus from tourists – two flying in from Turkey and one arriving by ferry – raising concerns of “imported” cases ruining the success Turkish Cypriot authorities have had in containing the virus.

But the island’s Greek run south – in a bold attempt to outshine the north – has said it is also offering free rapid coronavirus tests for UK travellers flying into its two airports in Larnaca and Paphos. Other countries are charging for the coronavirus tests, such as Austria, with tests priced at €190. Heathrow Airport is also looking into 24-hour coronavirus tests, costing £140 per traveller.

Land for sale

Villas For Sale

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