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Qatar Ranked High Investment.

August 8, 2020

Qatar Ranked High on “Ease of Doing Business,” as Country Develops Fintech Friendly Policies, Launches Regulatory Sandbox.

Qatar has substantial capital that has been invested by local entities into the nation’s economy, which is more diversified than most other countries in the Middle East. However, foreign direct investment (FDI) may still serve a key role in developing the nation’s knowledge-based economy and also support an environment driven by technology, according to a report from Big Four auditing firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Qatar’s free zones have introduced incentive programs to encourage large companies to launch subsidiaries in the country. The Qatar Investment Promotion Agency was launched last year, in order to support the nation’s economic development.

In June 2020, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) had revealed that Qatar’s FDI inward stock surpassed $31 billion in 2019.

PwC has noted that Qatar’s economic policies, which includes macroeconomic stability and a pegged currency, are ideal when it comes to supporting local business development initiatives. The country also benefits from its relatively low level of business taxes, which are notably zero for local companies and only 10% for foreign firms.

As reported by the Gulf Times, the government in Qatar is trying to further improve its business environment in many key areas. The World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” report has revealed that the country is focused on making reforms in obtaining reliable credit, registering property and electricity or power management.

These reforms can potentially benefit local firms operating in many different sectors, including Fintech. There are certain guidelines and policies focused on supporting Qatar’s knowledge-based economy. Last year, the Qatar Central Bank’s (QCB) governor had noted that the institution will release a Fintech development plan, with regulatory guidelines and standards developed specifically to support innovative projects.

The QCB has also introduced its regulatory sandbox, and has invited businesses interested in establishing their operations to begin testing their products and services (including Fintech firms focused on digital payments).

The Qatar Financial Center (QFC) has said that Fintech will be one of its key areas of focus for ongoing development. PwC noted in its report that the country has introduced new tax laws which may be well-suited for Fintech businesses, while also supporting the country’s transition towards a knowledge-based economy.

As reported recently, Dr. R Seetharaman, the CEO at Doha Bank, says that cooperation between Qatar and Hong Kong in key areas such as digital commerce, supporting startups, and the development of Fintech platforms may strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations.

The Qatar Fintech Hub continues to receive applications, as the nation prepares for a cashless, knowledge-based digital economy.

Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida, the Chief Executive at Qatar Financial Center, noted last month that the country aims to leverage the potential of the Fintech sector in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.Sponsored Links by DQ Promote

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December 5, 2019

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality. She is sometimes known as the Cyprian because there was a sacred cult center of Aphrodite on the island of Cyprus. Aphrodite is the mother of the god of love, Eros (familiar name as Cupid). She is the wife of the ugliest of the gods, Hephaestus. Unlike the powerful virginal goddesses, Athena and Artemis, or the faithful goddess of marriage, Hera, she has love affairs with gods and mortals. Aphrodite’s birth story makes her relation to the other gods and goddesses of Mt. Olympus ambiguous.

Family of Origin

Hesiod says Aphrodite arose from the foam that gathered around the genitals of Uranus. They just happened to be floating in the sea — after his son Cronus castrated his father. The poet known as Homer calls Aphrodite the daughter of Zeus and Dione. She is also described as the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys (Titans). If Aphrodite is the cast-offspring of Uranus, she is of the same generation as Zeus’ parents. If she is the daughter of the Titans, she is Zeus’ cousin.

Roman Equivalent

Aphrodite was called Venus by the Romans — as in the famous Venus de Milo statue. Attributes And Associations Mirror, of course — she is the goddess of beauty. Also, the apple, which has lots of associations with love or beauty (as in Sleeping Beauty) and especially the golden apple. Aphrodite is associated with a magic girdle (belt), the dove, myrrh and myrtle, the dolphin, and more. In the famous Botticelli painting, Aphrodite is seen rising from a clamshell.

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The Lost Paradise.

October 18, 2019

THE LOST PARADISE’ starring an artful Complex ”Renaissance Residence ” that located at resort area near the town of Famagusta on the seafront next to Long Beach. The residential complex is only ten minutes drive from one of the most popular resorts in Northern Cyprus – Bafra, where the five-star hotels Kaya Artemis and Noah Ark are built.

The complex provides an exquisite lifestyle that meets the requirements of the most discerning of buyers. An infrastructure developed with individual style, boasting unique resort services within the complex, focused on high-level luxury and comfort, with guest services only matched by the highest standard of hotels. Nowhere else in Cyprus can you find a setting quite like this; a quiet residential community both for holidays and permanent residence with natural landscape and pools, life-giving Mediterranean Sea within walking distance and fascinating historical places nearby.

Shopping, entertainment and health centre “Plaza” is a separate building that is located within the heart of the Residence and includes an array of services and facilities that are at the complete disposal of the owners and the tenants of the resort. Imagine start your day with a cup of aromatic coffee on the terrace of the Da Vinci Restaurant. Unique interior, rich selection of beverages, signatory dishes and many more whilst you relax within the atmosphere of splendor.


The architectural and stylistic concept of the project, underlines the visual luxury and uniqueness of the Residence, attracting market demand. Therefore, benefiting the owners and their rental guests alike. The short term or long term apartment bookings will be provided by the company. The services in the rental program include A-Z support (cleaning, welcoming guests, booking support, check-in & check-out).

Life in Paradise

  • within a walking distance to the beach.

Profitable investment

  • up to 11% Return on Investment

International University

  • and all age group educational institutions nearby

Unique concierge services

  • to the owners and their guests

Luxury and exclusivity

  • to support the owners of the apartments

Relaxed life and comfort

  • to suite all life-styles

Absolutely safe

  • and healthy environment


  • rental income

Favorable climate

  • 340 days of sun a year
  • Favorable and healthy climate all year round
  • Longest swimming season in the Mediterranean
  • Supported by best sandy beaches of the world

High Quality of Life

  • Safe country (circa zero crime)
  • English widely spoken (ex-British colony)
  • UK based education system
  • Friendly local community
  • On Europe’s door step for a fraction of the price

Limitless Possibilities

  • More than 85.000 students are studying in the internationally accredited and recognized institutions
  • More than 80% of historically significant sites are located in the Northern part of Cyprus
  • Daily flights
  • Low maintenance costs & taxes
  • Up to 11% ROI
  • High liquidity of investment
  • Flexible payment plans

The “plaza” – Shopping, Entertainment And Health Centre

Luxury Residence offers a delightful and relaxing retreat with maximum comfort in mind. The tenants will be able to benefit from the Wellness & SPA, Fitness & Gym, Yoga Centres, vitamin bar, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and many more featured treatments.

  • Wellness & SPA Centre, Fitness & Yoga Centre, Sauna
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Grocery store
  • Arcade and games centre
  • Playground
  • Open air cinema
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Exchange office & ATM
  • First Aid
  • Laundry
  • Rent-a-Car office

Services To The Owners

  • Maintenance and Management offices
  • 24/7 Concierge Services
  • Fun train to the beach
  • Secured entrance

Scope Of The Residence

  • Overall land – 123.412 sqm
  • First construction phase – 33.680 sqm

First Construction Phase

  • Blocks “A” and “E” – 8 storey each
  • Blocks “B” and “D” – 10 storey each
  • Block C – 12 storey
  • 5 Residential blocks, 274 units
  • Plaza Centre
  • Pool complex and Gardens

Recreational Area And Landscape

  • Four outdoor swimming pools
  • Aqua slides and kids pool
  • Kids play area
  • Mediterranean Gardens
  • Lounges & cabanas
  • Parking spots for 352 vehicles


The Holiday residence uses the latest construction technologies and highest quality materials to support health, safety and comfort.

  •  Double hydro insulation
  •  Air ventilation and circulation systems
  •  Improved heat and sound insulation
  •  EcoTherm brick
  •  Latest materials and construction technology
  •  Foundations – all load tested
  •  32 meter foundation piles used in the complex foundations
  •  Higher than standard required, thick masonry walls
  •  Further construction due for up to 35-storey residential highrise

This is not only a luxurious residential complex, but has much more to offer. The perfectly planned infrastructure for recreation and entertainment will help you to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and enjoy the atmosphere that we have created for you.

  • Wellness & SPA Centre
  • Fitness & Gym Centre
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Entertainment for the kids
  • Personal assistance
  • Shops
  • Rental & Maintenance office


You can enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of your own penthouse with outstanding views.

Ground floor Apartments

These type of apartments are especially very popular among future tenants that provide an access to the pools of the Residence as well as the garden.


Design studio will help you organize your individual space and realize your dreams, including the furnishing of the apartments, individual design and innovative solution for bespoke interiors.


Fresh daily products, organic fruits and vegetables, beach accessories, households appliances, items for decoration and interior design, all of these will be provided within the shops of the complex.

24/7 Concierge Services

  • Clean your apartment
  • Order food or book flight tickets
  • Babysit your child
  • Repair your sink

Your every need will be fulfilled immediately by the special 24/7 concierge services.

  • First Aid
  • Exchange & Laundry Services.

Residents of the complex will be able to take the advantage of these essential services without leaving the complex. Everything is there to make life easier.

WI-FIStay connected while resting, follow the news on the internet, watch the latest football game; nowadays, this is not a luxury but a necessity. Wi-Fi connection is available for everyone and everywhere. Owners of the apartments will be able to benefit from the rental packages and rent their apartments while away from the island. Your apartments will be taken care of and making you money while you are away. Our holiday residence — artfully brings to life the exterior of the palace streets, artistic design of which creates a cosy atmosphere of splendour all year round.


The Renaissance Residence is a City within a City, where every meter is carefully planned and tends to provide everything for you to enjoy your life without a need to go elsewhere. A unique concept of the facilities and activities to support both couples and families. Everything from the shopping to entertainment is especially for you. The Residence offers unique floor plan solutions to suit any buyers. These are not standard plans for each type of an apartment, but 66 different types that would ensure that everyone finds something they like. The combination of the panoramic windows, large terraces and latest interior finishing trends provides options and selection for different tastes.

Smart Investment

  • Up to 11% annual return on your investment from the rental program
  • Save up to 40% when buying off plan
  • 0% interest developer mortgage available to suite each buyer or investor alike

Installment Payment – Legal Support of Transaction:

Payment Method 1:

  • GBP 3,000 – 3 weeks non-refundable reservation deposit
  • 30% minus deposit – upon signing the contract
  • 70% – in equal installments within two years after signing the contract (interest-free installments)

Payment Method 2:

  • GBP 3,000 – 3 weeks non-refundable reservation deposit
  • 30% minus deposit – upon signing the contract
  • 70% – a loan for 5 years at 7% per annum (issued to all comers, without certificates and guarantors)
If You Have Any Query Regarding Investment Opportunities Or Inquiring To Find Affordable Properties / Estate: Villas, Land, Apartments For Sale Or To Rent In Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus, Please Feel Free To Get In Touch With Us Today On +90 542 858 51 23 Or WhatsApps.
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Off-Plan Properties – Benefits.

October 7, 2019

What is an Off-plan property ? Is a property purchased before a structure has been constructed upon it. Pre-constructions are usually marketed to real estate developers and resalers. The purchaser can secure more favorable finance terms from their lenders.

When buying property as an investment, it’s important to look for two key attributes – high returns and capital growth; something which can easily be achieved when purchasing off-plan. Off-plan developments are currently experiencing some of their highest sales levels and its popularity is heightened by the ability to negotiate excellent discounts either before the property is built or whilst it’s under construction. Buying off-plan has a slightly different purchase process when compared to pre-built buy to let property however, once familiarised with the general process and the additional advantages, investors often find off-plan property to be an incredibly viable investment option. Purchasing off-plan has many benefits – here we’ll look at some advantages:

  • 1. Purchase prices are significantly lower than average

One main advantage of buying property off-plan is the ability to secure the purchase at below market value. Quite often, this is due to developers wanting to demonstrate a certain level of sales prior to marketing the development or to sell as many units as possible before completion. Some developers also offer additional discounts for investors purchasing multiple properties at any one time as an added incentive. At Boltas commecial we negotiate directly with developers to obtain the best discounts for their clients on off plan property due to our ability to sell large numbers of properties quickly and efficiently.

  • 2. Strong capital growth can be attained

Those who purchase property off-plan benefit mostly from house price growth. If a property is purchased in 2015, but isn’t due for completion until 2017, when the property has finally been built, they will have seen their property grow in value each year. This can add tremendous value to a property, especially if it has already been purchased at a discounted price from the outset.

  • 3. Ability to re-sell at a profit before completion

As it’s more than likely that your property will go up in value before completion, investors can choose to put their property up for sale and sell at a higher market value. Although this can be a good strategy for investors looking to make a profit quickly, you would see much more of a capital growth benefit by tenanting the property and also gaining the benefit of a regular rental income, in addition to capital growth.

  • 4. Small deposits and staged payments

Dependent on the developer and the property, some off-plan deals have the added benefit of staged payments. These payments can help spread the cost of the purchase and enables investors to purchase property without a significantly large deposit. For more information about investing in off-plan property or to request a copy of our ‘Guide to Investing in Off-Plan Property’, call us today. We maintain strong relationships with developers, banks and receivers which allows us to source the best deals on discounted properties across the UK. Sequre have a number of off-plan developments available in fantastic locations, which can see instant equity from day one.

Are you looking for Off-plan properties in Northern Cyprus? Then here you came at the right place at a right time. Please forward your requirement to our Email address: info@milanohomescyprus.com or directly call +90 542 858 51 23 to assist you in this regard.

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Investment’s Factors.

September 12, 2019

Six Important Factors To Consider: When you purchase a residential or commercial property, tapping into its potential, such as renovating and then renting out a space, can help you generate passive income and even turn a nice profit when you eventually sell.

The experts in the industry who have plenty of experience dealing with investment property purchases, and they’ve come to understand common pitfalls and yields that the new investors tend to make. Before you take the plunge on something that could be a great opportunity, here are six important factors they recommend you.

1. Your Overall Goals

The most important thing is to keep in mind why you’re investing in the first place. Are you investing to have more passive income that will allow you to spend time with loved ones? Or do you want to build a huge real estate empire to give millions of dollars to great causes? There is no wrong answer. But what and how you invest should clearly pave a path to accomplish your goal. And remember don’t get caught chasing shiny objects that have no relation to your real goal or won’t get you anywhere close to the target

2. Economic Trends And Drivers

Within the framework of looking at an economy (of any given scale, micro or macro) as a living and breathing organism, it’s often best to think of growth engines, disruption engines and sustainability engines. Understand what market the asset will be serving and how those three engines tie into it. From there you can start to build an effective analysis of the key factors of price per square foot or square meter, the in-place rent versus expenses on that same basis to distill a margin and, lastly, how that margin effectively ties into your target yield and over what time frame.

3. Your Personal Financial Situation

Ask would owning this investment property help me achieve my goals? Each person has a different financial situation, aim and method of acquiring properties that will generate unique financial outcomes. Some might require smaller investments and incur fewer costs along the way, but produce little to no ongoing revenue for awhile. Others will require larger upfront and ongoing investments, but will generate greater cash flow right away. And, there are variations all across the spectrum of inventory. Know your own financial situation first, including your ability to cover unexpected costs along the way, before you make your choice. But, most of all, think about why you’re considering an investment property in the first place to be sure you select one that actually has the potential to produce your desired outcome. 

4. Community Considerations And Opportunity Zones

While return on investment is the most important factor for most property investors and developers, my principal interest involves hospitality, especially in opportunity zones. Investors and developers must be prepared to answer important questions that stretch beyond their own monetary returns. Developers who fail to do so may well find themselves taken to task by attentive local and state leaders. While community considerations might be ancillary to conventional developments, they are vitally important in opportunity zone projects, especially now. Fund managers must be prepared to address them if they hope to preserve their tax benefits and eventually profit from their acquisitions. They can still enjoy rich returns, but only if they genuinely commit to community revival.

5. Plan Ahead For Re-positioning And Downturns

When considering an investment property, while it is important to confirm the property whether it meets your cash flow and investment criteria, as an investor the best thing to keep in mind is how you can strategically re-position the asset to increase your returns and make a preparation during downturns in the market. Real estate is a fabulous tool to build wealth as long as leverage is used appropriately and you are in control of the timing when it comes to the sale of the asset.

6. Your Expected End Result For The Property

Know what you want your end result to be. Are you looking to buy and move-in? Buy and lease? Buy and sell long-term? Your role in the transaction varies depending on your end result. If you’re looking to buy and lease, expect landlord duties. Whatever your decision and desired outcome is, be sure to evaluate all options to see which suits your current lifestyle.

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Why Move To T.R.N.C?.

September 6, 2019

There are several reasons why people visiting Cyprus, an Aphrodite island perfect for holiday destination:

a) Better weather and many days of sunshine. It has been scientifically proven that sunshine is good for lifting our spirits and making us feel happier. Only 20 minutes in the sun gives our skin the booster its needs to rejuvenate itself. We all seem healthier. Sunshine also lifts depression and gives us vitamin D.

b) Better quality of life. There are many restaurants (you have to know where they are!) that serve really good food and charge reasonable prices. We don’t feel guilty about dining out twice a week and have a good bottle of wine to go with…

In the summer, we can go swimming, hitch-hiking, Scuba boat trips and many more activities as much as we want to. There are good places to go running and cycling (with good weather thrown in too!). Everything has easy access walking, (by car!!) or anything you want to do to keep fit is easily available and eating out options are plentiful.

c) Better medical care. It is cheaper here in terms of having surgeries privately and buying medicine over the counter. A person can see doctors for a consultant at reasonably fees and a solution will be often reached very quickly. Injections, biopsies and blood tests are all cheap at about £35.

Depending on your decision, in case you want to earn profit and let it out you will be paid extremely well. There are many people who live here on vacation but work for large companies and they often fly to the Middle East, Europe to do work dealings there. I’ve met people who have to work in Qatar or Dubai.

d) Cheaper housing. There are so many good houses here for sale at good prices with lots of garden land, sea views and mountain views…. Recently Mrs Leah Rose, from UK bought her house that sits on a plot size of 2,000 square meters and the house itself is only about 200 square metres in total. She have permission to build another property next to it for £75,000 after purchase the land. Now it’s worth about £358.720, but they have no plan to sell it. ”It’s ours forever”, said Leah.

f) Missing their homes and are feeling nostalgic: It is often good to travel and get away from home and go back again. Living the slower pace of life here isn’t the people’s thing so they back to their own countries where pace of life is faster and suits them better. I lived in the UK for 8 years while schooling myself and then going to university. I found that studying in London at university for 4 years had gone by so fast. Life is slower here on the island definitely.


If You Have Any Query Regarding Investment Opportunities Or Inquiring To Find Affordable Houses / Estate: Villas, Land, Apartments For Sale Or To Rent In Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus, Please Feel Free To Get In Touch With Us Today On +90 542 858 51 23 Or WhatsApps.
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Chinese Investors.

August 31, 2019

Many Chinese businessmen, headed by the billionaire Jack Ma, the founder of the famous Alibaba website, have been traveling to Turkey for several purposes, mainly supporting the Turkish economy, supporting trade between Turkey and China, seeking new investment opportunities and launching joint investment projects between public and private sectors. It is noteworthy that most of these investors range in wealth between 15 billion and 30 billion dollars, where the billionaire Jack Ma has a successful online business group and he is the first Chinese-Asian businessman appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. He also served as the CEO of the Alibaba Group that he founded, which has the famous AliExpress website.

China’s citizens and business men are among the largest investors outside their country. This is what drives most countries to attract Chinese investors. Turkey is one of these countries, benefiting from the trends of China with its economic plan to link China with Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Makes China ready in the coming years to pump billions of dollars into Turkey.

The Turkish Investment and Investment Promotion Agency announced that the number of Chinese companies operating in Turkey will double by 2021, especially in the fields of infrastructure, energy, technology, investment, chemical industries and of course real estate development. What distinguishes Chinese investments in real estate that they do not prefer to invest in one place but in several places. They usually buy or sell real estate in several states in Turkey. They can buy apartments in Istanbul and on the other hand they buy villas in Trabzon, confirming the importance of their investments in Turkey. Turkish real estate sales are expected to increase this year.

As part of the Global Belt and Road Initiative, China plans to invest billions of dollars in Turkey in the coming years.

China spends more than 20 billion dollars annually, making it the largest investor of foreign properties in the world. Turkey is part of China’s investment future plan.

It is noteworthy that Chinese companies became major investors in Portugal, Australia, Mideast and eastern Europe. China went to Portugal in 2011-2014 to boost the country and they were most attracted by the cheap real estate, and were also attracted by the European Union investment stimulus, but now Chinese companies offer a value of 10.8 billion $ for all power facilities.

Following Portugal’s gold visa program, which allows foreigners to buy property worth 500,000 euros (about 600,000 $) for their residency, many wealthy Chinese have benefited from it and moved to Portugal. Turkey has initiated similar incentives like Citizenship rights guaranteeing foreign investors with Turkish status.

2. Opportunities for Investors

1. Incentives for International Investors: Turkey has been restructuring its economy since 1980 along the lines of a more liberal economic policy. In this context, more emphasis is being placed on private sector especially in productive sectors of economy and the role of State is limited to infrastructure development and the provision of public services.

The economic policy aims to diminish unemployment, to realize technology transfers, to privatize State Economic Enterprises, to overcome the deficit in the balance of payments and especially to increase the integration of the economy with the world economy and to attract more foreign capital to the Country.

Turkey also uses the option of fiscal incentives to channelize domestic and foreign investments for industrial development and rural-urban integration. These incentives or tax expenditures are usually available to investors for the promotion of private investment activities in selected sectors/regions depending on the scale of investment.

2. Investment Incentive Regime: The Turkish Government has been generous in 2016 and introduced two new incentive packages (“centre of attraction” and “super incentives” which provide comprehensive support to the qualified investments.

The “centre of attraction” programme aims to balance the development level within the regions through increase in employment, production and exports whereas “super incentives” aim to meet any critically important current or future requirements of Turkey, develop technological capacity in the fields that technologically Turkey fall behind, reduce dependency on imports/ foreign sources, improve Turkey’s competitive power and support R&D focused investments.

If You Have Any Query Regarding Investment Opportunities Or Inquiring About Properties: Villas, Land, Apartments For Sale Or To Rent In Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus, Please Feel Free To Get In Touch With Us Today At +90 542 858 51 23.
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Investment Tips For 2019.

June 16, 2019

February 27, 2019

It goes without saying that the stock market beat everyone up in 2018.. However it looks like 2019 is starting off a bit better!

Whew! Investing in real estate also has its ups and downs, some years are better than others. But if you buy right plus understand that it is a long game. You will be OK. Have you heard, you make your money when you buy not when you sell! Huh? Expert always said that people buy the rental property for three reasons:

  • Cash Flow!
  • Appreciation 
  • Depreciation

1. Cash Flow; An ideal Cash flow when you purchase a property at a reduced price and renting it out for a high double payback on cash return or 12-18% return before expenses. This property usually could be in a declining neighborhood or houses that need some maintenance because perhaps the owner has a limited investment lifespan but the payoff is quick!

2. Appreciation; This is buying a property that is an appreciating neighborhood and location. It will cost you more from the pocket but you know why you are paying more. Your “profit” is evident in the form of your tenant paying for the property while it appreciates.

3. Depreciation; When either of the residential properties above is rented they can be depreciated on a 27.5-year schedule. This gives you a nice break on your taxes. And it needs to be calculated into your overall strategy. (We suggest that you consult with your professional tax person on this one.) Do you know why your buying investment property? Talk with us at Milano Homes Cyprus about your real estate investments when need the property for renting, buying, or selling we would like to help to your success!

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Power of Attorney.

August 2, 2016

If a person would like to purchase a property in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ( T.R.N.C ) through their (Sole or Joint Name) there are 2 ways in which this can be done. NB: A purchaser is advised to bring or provide their passport during the appointment.

Sole Name
Firstly, if a purchaser visits Northern Cyprus he/she can make an appointment with us to direct them to a relevant lawyer or notary. During this appointment, we will explain the purchasing process and introduce the ”Power of Attorney” to the customer and sign the document in our office.   The Power of Attorney once signed by a client, this will allow us to sign the Contract of Sale on their behalf and thereafter apply for customer’s permission to purchase.

In the event that the purchaser cannot physically sign Power of Attorney here in Northern Cyprus, the second option is to request the Power of Attorney to be signed by the Lawyer on his/her behalf while abroad.  Usually this done once the client has contacted us and sent us a scanned copy of their original passport so that we can prepare the Power of Attorney and email it back to them. If the purchaser lives in a country that has a TRNC (Turkish Republic of North Cyprus) Representatives Office or consular they will then take the Power of Attorney to their local TRNC Office for signing.  If the country that they live in does not have a TRNC Representatives Office then they will take the Power of Attorney to the Turkish Embassy. Once this has been done we would then inform the client of how they must return to us the original Power of Attorney.

Joint Names
In the event that the purchasers would like to purchase a property in joint names and would like the Contract of Sale and Permission to purchase.  The application could be done in joint names we would request a Power of Attorney for these clients.   In order to prepare the Power of Attorney we would require the purchasers’ up to date passports. If the purchasers are able to visit us at our office in Iskenderun, Kubbeli Çeşmesi Sok in Girne (Kyrenia) we can prepare the Power of Attorney during their visit and arrange for it to be signed at the same time.

However, if one or both parties are unable to visit our office the Power of Attorney to be signed abroad, once the clients have contacted us and sent us a scanned copy of their current passport we can prepare the Power of Attorney and email it back to them. If the purchaser/s live in a country that has a TRNC Representatives consular they will then take the Power of Attorney there for the signing. If the country that they live in does not have a TRNC Consulate then they will take the Power of Attorney to a Turkish Embassy. Once this has been done we would then inform the client of how they must send us the original Power of Attorney.

Title Deed only in joint names: If only one person comes to carry out Power Of Attorney but would like to take title jointly with another party, this can easily be done and is a straightforward procedure.  As long as we have one family member on the contract we do not need the second member to go to the trouble of obtaining a Power of Attorney, since to apply for permission to purchase we will only need them to provide us with their police report, passport copy for them to complete a form which is obtainable from our office.

Please visit Milano Homes Cyprus in person or email us: info@milanohomescyprus.com.

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Asian Estate Investment.

August 2, 2016

Singapore’s investors made a strong comeback to China’s property market, becoming the biggest group of asset buyers in the country even as a trade war rages on with the United States, and threatens to spill over into an assault on Chinese technology. .

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