Northern Cyprus Opens Its Door To Brits..

August 20, 2020

Now British expatriates are able to return to Northern Cyprus as from the last week, the British families have already check in at Ercan Intentional Airport – provided that travellers need to produce three coronavirus tests to be allowed an entry and enjoy the holiday on the island.

This news follows the latest announcement from the rest of the island that quarantine restrictions will end for Brits from August 1. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (T.R.N.C) is keen to welcome Brits back. The south usually lures 1.3 million British tourists every year.

As from July 16, UK arrivals at Ercan Airport will have to first show a negative PCR test, which was taken between three to five days before arrival. Following this, a second test will be conducted, followed by a seven-day quarantine, and then a third test. Only then will Brits be able to enjoy a normal holiday on the island. These new rules are for British tourists which have been put into Category B by Cyprus, a system which rates the country’s risk of infection.

Category A countries will not have to quarantine after showing a negative PCR test, while Category C countries will have to do all three tests and a 14-day quarantine. There are cheap deals for Brits opting for a Cyprus holiday, with seven night package deals from £409pp and last minute flights from £175pp. Cyprus was included on the UK’s air bridge list, which means no quarantining when returning to the UK and no travel ban. However, restrictions still remain in place at Cyprus, and will until the UK’s coronavirus cases go down.

Northern Cyprus’s health minister Ali Palli has recently confirmed three new cases of coronavirus from tourists – two flying in from Turkey and one arriving by ferry – raising concerns of “imported” cases ruining the success Turkish Cypriot authorities have had in containing the virus.

But the island’s Greek run south – in a bold attempt to outshine the north – has said it is also offering free rapid coronavirus tests for UK travellers flying into its two airports in Larnaca and Paphos. Other countries are charging for the coronavirus tests, such as Austria, with tests priced at €190. Heathrow Airport is also looking into 24-hour coronavirus tests, costing £140 per traveller.

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