Who We are
Boltas Commercial has regional and global diverse communication with partners. Our team is made up of experienced professionals that have access to extensive networks and extensive experience in providing real estate solutions.

What We Do

  • Property Evalvuation
  • Sales:
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Tenant Services
  • Valuation Services
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Investment Sales
  • Asset Management
  • Retail Services
  • Capital Markets & Finance

By continuously expanding and improving our services and skills, we provide a widening range of
creative, working solutions to your real estate issues.
Why we do it
Our mission is to provide superior real estate solutions to our esteemed clients and partners throughout
the world, and to continually add value with integrity, expertise, and trust.
How we do it
We are uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of any client or partner. With speed, we apply our knowledge, expertise, and network to provide you with unsurpassed solutions across markets and service lines. Boltas Commercial’s business are:

  • Experience: A company is as good as the experience of its people. Our comprehensive
    knowledge of real estate markets, experience, and research coupled with our extensive
    the network of contacts and longstanding relationships allows us to offer innovative, intelligent
    solutions for your needs.
  • Reliability: Our clients come first. We serve our clients and work with partners in a timely,
    prompt, courteous and thorough manner. Our commitment to reliability has been the key to our success.
  • Integrity: Our values contribute to the fulfillment of our vision. We have always been associated with words like ‘honor’, ‘trust’ and ‘respect’. Our goal is to forge a lasting

Where We Do It: Our main office is located in Alanya, Antalya in Turkey. And local offices in Lefkosa, and Girne in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C). Thus this allowing us to form a link with a wide range of clients, partners, and properties. We have many liaison offices throughout the Levent region – as well as partners in the UAE and Europe. This complex world keeps on changing, and we are where clients need us.

Trustworthy: Boltas Commercial and its allies are keenly aware of the responsibility to protect the long term value of a client’s legacy and through an integrated team appraisal, we work with our customers to minimize their environmental impact. We implement sustainable programs such as maintenance plans which increased the durability and quality of the properties.

Residential Real Estate: Boltas is your knowledgeable advocate in the real estate process. By partnering with our clients, listening to our clients and communicating clearly, the transaction will fit your needs and desires.

Commercial Real Estate: Our team fulfills the competitive needs of the 21st-century business client. Since good planning is at the heart of every transaction, we take time to understand and assess every client’s specific requirement. We carefully analyze every element that is germane to a transaction.

Valuation Services: Boltas has the expertise and market knowledge to provide you with an appraisal of outstanding quality. The pricing, thoroughness, and speed of our valuation services are unmatched. We understanding and quickly can grasp the real estate markets at any given time.
Corporate Advisory: Boltas Commercial has the tools necessary to guide corporations in developing and implementing real estate strategies that support their objectives. We also provide lease audits that could save thousands of dollars. Boltas precisely plans and controls negotiations with your landlord, each step subject to your approval. We respect the delicate tenant-landlord relationship.

Investment Sales: Boltas is uniquely positioned to identify attractive investment opportunities and help turn them into profit centers for our clients. In planning for and negotiating an investment transaction, we apply our proven analytical systems and skills to help our clients achieve their goals.

Property Management: Boltas Commercial and Milano Homes Cyprus provide unparalleled property management services, including re-tooling and reengineering a building’s operation resulting in lower operating expenses and higher profits to the owner.

Investment Services: Boltas is uniquely positioned to identify attractive opportunities and help turn them into profit centers for our clients. In planning for and negotiating investment transactions, we apply our proven analytical skills to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether investment properties are the office, retail, industrial or agricultural in nature, our powerful capabilities and contacts smooth the way towards successful investment strategies.

Asset Management: We offer the highest levels of knowledge, field-proven techniques for cost-effective marketing and lease-up of real estate assets of every description. Our team has a successful track record for repositioning buildings to generate maximum value and return to owners. We are recognized for excellence in lease administration, using state-of-the-art technology coupled with plans that are customized for every owner’s unique requirements.

Hospitality Real Estate: Our experts can help you in the purchase or sale of hospitality related properties such as hotels, boutique, resorts & casinos. We assist clients in hospitality transactions both here in the T.R.N.C and abroad.